Sherrie Sushko


August 17, 2015 by Sherrie
Work and Wagers David Wagers Case One by Sherrie Sushko
Between the investigation of an unsolved murder, an understaffed office, and the development of an alluring new friendship, there's never enough time to play for P.I. David Wagers. But make no mistake -- David Wagers is not a dull boy. Read Chapter One for Free > Buy the Book Now >
Lost Love by Sherrie Sushko Life has never been better for Eric. Newly engaged to his soulmate, Abby, and starting a promising business, his future has never been brighter – until he receives an unexpected communication from a past love, threatening his world as he knows it. Should Eric reach out and help an old love at the risk of losing a new one? Read Chapter One for Free > Buy the Book Now >
Remain by Sherrie Sushko After the sudden and tragic loss of her child, Laurie sinks into a deep depression, unable to cope with the outside world. Yearning for contact one last time, Laurie dismisses the good intentions of those closest to her and continues to reach out for the seemingly impossible, never underestimating the power of a mother’s love. Remain is a supernatural story about the bonds that we form and how they remain with us … forever. Read Prologue for Free > Buy the Book Now >