First Chapter of Remain

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Once again, Laurie was not leaving on time.  How did this happen, almost day after day?   There was always something extra to take care of, or someone who needed something at the last minute.  Usually, Laurie didn’t mind helping out to wrap things up.   But today was different.  Today she had a date with her son to pick up the new kitten he had gotten for his birthday.

Laurie exited the office building and practically sprinted to her car.  She didn’t want to disappoint Jake by not getting to the veterinary hospital before they closed.  She decided to give her son a quick call on his cell phone to tell him that she was on her way.  He picked up on the second ring.

“Mom?” he answered.  She could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Hi, sweetie,” Laurie said, “Just letting you know I’m on my way.  Sorry I’m running a little late.  Hugs and kisses?”

“Hugs and kisses, Mommy,” Jake repeated their personal catchphrase. “I’m waiting here with Mrs. Petersen.”  Laurie frowned at the mere mention of the name.

“Is that your mother?” Laurie could hear a muffled voice in the background.

“Here we go,” Laurie muttered to herself.

“Mrs. Brooks?  Mrs. Brooks, is that you?” an annoyed, older woman said into the phone.

“Yes, Mrs. Petersen, it’s Mrs. Brooks.  How are you?” Laurie said, attempting to be pleasant.

“You’re very late – again,” Mrs. Petersen continued.  “This is becoming a habit.”

“I realize that and I do apologize.  I’m on my way right now,” Laurie responded.

“We’ll be waiting for you in front of the school.  You’re not the only one with a schedule, you know,” Mrs. Petersen barked before disconnecting the call.

Laurie shook her head.

Turning onto the main road, Laurie could see the bumper to bumper traffic stretched out ahead for several blocks.

“Just great,” she said aloud.  It figured.

Laurie decided to take a detour to save time.  She glanced at the digital clock on the dashboard for the third time and couldn’t believe how late she was running, but she told herself it was going to be alright.  The back roads weren’t as busy, and the school really wasn’t that far off.

As the traffic started to thin out and the roads quieted down, Laurie felt herself calming down, as well.  She decided she wasn’t going to let Mrs. Petersen ruin the wonderful afternoon she had planned with her son.  And she had to admit that Mrs. Petersen wasn’t totally wrong; Laurie realized that she was late quite often.  It was the way that the older schoolmarm handled the situation that angered Laurie; no tact whatsoever.

Eventually, Laurie began to enjoy the ride which proved to be therapeutic.  She was almost there now, and could actually see the school down the block.  As Laurie got closer, she could see Jake standing at the corner with Mrs. Petersen who had her hands cupped over her eyes, glaring down the road in Laurie’s direction.

Laurie came to a complete halt at a four way stop street.  After waiting for traffic to clear, she slowly began to make a left turn.  Jake began to wave, and she couldn’t help but smile.  She barely saw the car run the stop sign to the right of her; watched as the vehicle swerved out of control to avoid hitting her; wondered in exasperation why Mrs. Petersen would stand on the corner with a young boy, her son; and helplessly witnessed the impact, so close that she could feel it.



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